Agile Imaginuity helps your organization bring about change. If you are struggling with systems design, processes or culture building in an ever changing environment, we should talk.

Term coined to describe a project management method run on adaptability, collaboration and incremental development.
Term coined by Disney Imagineer McNair Wilson to describe the process of imagining bigger, bolder ideas—then finding the ingenuity to make it happen.
Agile Imaginuity
The fusion of imaginative thinking and Agile methodology to create simple solutions for complex problems.

Removing your pain points

We use bleeding-edge, Systems Thinking philosophies melded with Disney Imagineering processes to solve your organization’s toughest problems. With Agile Imaginuity, you can turn those “creative argument meetings’ into communicative, collaborative and culture-building events. Our coaching, workshopping and training courses help you identify opportunities and solve complex problems through simple, creative ideas and tools. Leaving you to solve bigger problems; like, what your next hot thing??

CASE STUDY: The Hollywood Tower of Terror

Our imaginuity techniques stretch back to the 1980s, when McNair Wilson was invited by Disney CEO Michael Eisner to teach brainstorming to fellow Disney Imagineers and implement the processes throughout all of Disney’s divisions. From there, McNair was asked to assemble the team that hatched the wild concept for a haunted hotel at a new Disney Theme Park. When thinking about the hotel’s rusty, haunted elevator, McNair threw out the idea of it leaving its shaft and moving down the hall. “But how will the guests get down?” Disney engineers asked. Using a salt shaker as the elevator, McNair held it over the edge of the table for a few beats… and then dropped it “13 stories.” Thus, the Hollywood Tower of Terror was born.

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