Over 30 years partnering to solve your biggest problems.

Together with our numerous Trainings & Workshops, our consulting and coaching services will help you design systems that strengthen your company and keep your vision in focus, so you can rest easy that your team sees your vision, is taking ownership and everything is running smoothly. 

Our services are fully customizable—pick and choose the topics most relevant to your company and build your own custom, Agile Imaginuity training event.

Consulting Services


Agile Th!nking System Design Workshops

Once you have a big idea, you need the systems in place to make it happen; or maybe your current system isn’t working the way you want. Our system design workshop will help you fuse together agile thinking with imaginative solutions for a complete collaborative system design & data driven system optimization, allowing active ownership at every level to best serve your clients. Centered around Kanban’s STATIK method, this workshop goes beyond project management for any systems level solution with a customer in mind.

Culture Building Workshops

Your business is filled with smart, capable individuals. Bringing them together is key to become more collaborative, unified and productive in the face of growing competitive pressures and organizational chaos.


Professional Services

Problem Solving for businesses

Professional Facilitation

It happens to us all. Even Disney brings in facilitators to help navigate difficult conversations and decision making. We have been facilitating the most difficult conversations for quite some time. And we’re here to help you find solutions in the most productive manner.

Keynote Presentations

Kick off your conference or company outing with a jolt of imagination. With 3 TED Talks and over 2,000 speaking engagements under his belt, current Agile Imaginuity team member and former Disney Imagineer McNair Wilson delivers inspiring keynotes that inject new life into your team’s curiosity and ingenuity.

+ McNair Post-Keynote Q@A

Operations Excellence Capabilities

Agile Culture

Build an organization that is in love with your mission

Agile Team Building

Strategically align your organization for success

Agile System Design

Manage and design workflows that are better, faster and smarter: Agile Design (best design)

Agile Thinking

Business = Problems. Make smarter decisions together

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