Over 30 years of partnering with organizations and individuals

Our remote and in-person trainings and workshops have been developed and refined over the past 40+ years—and are founded on the same principles and methods used by Disney Imagineers to generate ideas and create magic.

The list below provides a small glimpse of what we offer. Select the ones most pertinent to your company, and pair them with our numerous Consulting & Coaching services to create your own custom, Agile Imaginuity event.

Kanban board of agile methodology with unprepared, to do, analysis, dev, test, uat tags. Different phases of software development are depicted

Kanban Training & Certifications

Agile Imaginuity also offers an array of consultation services and Kanban Certifications through Kanban University. Learn about STATIK techniques to get projects up and running quickly, and experience the power and value of Kanban project management.

Problem Solving for Businesses

In our problem-solving workshops, learn about vision casting, team topology and workflow bottlenecks. And learn how you can inspire your team to inspect, discover and make smarter decisions.


Brainstorming Facilitator Training

We’ll reveal the secrets to better brainstorming and how you can motivate your team with powerful facilitation tools—all tailored to your unique business.

Effective Communication

Empathy goes a long way. Our workshops in effective communication provide thoughtful processes to clearly understand one another’s strengths and skills. This workshop’s success can be witnessed in teams from NASA, Disney, Chick-Fil-A, Apple, the Salvation Army and more.


Creating+Maintaining Strong Socialization

Whether your team works remotely or in-person, socialization is vital to building a thriving company culture. Learn about organizational design and how your team can boost interactions no matter their location.

Presentations with Clarity+Power

Speaking effectively to a small team or a large group can mean the difference between success or status quo. Whether you’re pitching a product to investors or sharing your company vision with a new hire, presentations require clear objectives, focused messages and powerful speaking skills that compel action.

- McSpeaking+performance

Prioritize, solve, change

Use our structured approach to achieve exceptional results.

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