At Agile Imaginuity creativity runs wild.

We’re an eclectic bunch with an impressive resume of creative work. One of us worked on stage with bands like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the 3 Tenors. Another dreamt up the Hollywood Tower of Terror, MGM Studios, Downtown Disney and a smattering of other Disney theme park attractions. Another is an Agile trainer using artificial intelligence to create prosthetics for impoverished communities.

And now, we’re sharing our skill sets and methodologies to help businesses communicate better, collaborate more, and create systems and environments that let culture and creativity flourish.

Meet McNair

As a highly respected Disney Imagineer, McNair Wilson has been in the idea business for a while. With keen vision and limits beyond the sky, McNair was the brains behind many popular Disney World attractions—from Downtown Disney to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, live streetmosphere performances and the Hollywood Tower or Terror. Throughout his storied career, he’s helped leaders and teams of all sizes implement his methods to think bigger and do better.

Introducing Buddy

An innovative Agilist and certified Kanban Trainer, Buddy has helped create data driven R&D system designs and system optimizations for a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His strong technical background on the full SDLC has culminated into an MS degree in Machine Learning from GaTech (2023). A UNC Chapel Hill alumnus, he is experienced working in the ever-changing startup environment as well as scaled Agile environments.

Here’s Robbie

When Robbie was asked to tour with the Rolling Stones on their stage crew, he respectfully declined because he had too much going on. What else was he doing? Shooting interviews in Rwanda, Darfur, Kurdistan, and stage managing the Morning Joe set for the 2008 Democratic and Republican National conventions. More recently he leads three teams in creating a leading Bio-medical clinical research application.

Creativity makes us tick.

Especially when it helps others.

Learn about our motivation and how Agile Imaginuity is generating happiness through prosthetics and machine learning.


Agile Imaginuity has set the standard for helping organizations tackle cultural business issues, maximize communication efficacy, and boost operating performance. We get culture. We have worked with clients in over 40 countries on 5 continents, and projects beyond a billion dollars.

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