From Freelancers to Disney Executives

Agile Imaginuity and our courses have been embraced by a wide range of professionals and organizations. No matter the client, we’ll help you communicate better, solve complex problems and build better ideas.


From startups to large corporations, our courses have been embraced by CEOs, COOs, department heads and business professionals across a gamut of industries, including: 

  • Marketing

Executives. Creative Directors. Media Teams. Writers. Designers. 

  • Technology

Software developers. UI/UX pros. Product developers. Project managers. Machine learning engineers. 

  • Health & Biotech

Clinical researchers. Hospitals. Internet of Things and biotech manufacturers.


We’ve created customizable programs that help emergency organizations improve employee mental health and workplace motivation and design solutions for better community relations. We work closely with:

  • City Admins

  • Police Departments

  • Fire Departments

  • EMT Services


From individual classes to entire administrations, we’ve held events for a range of educators, as well as other community organizations.

  • Universities

Traditional & Non-Traditional

  • Ministries

  • Non-Profits

Recapturing Your Team’s Creative Spirit

The landscape in which we work is in a constant state of change. In recent years it’s been changing at historic levels. This produces new problems and new opportunities everywhere. Today’s successful businesses require clear vision with the ability to react to customer needs at unprecedented speed.

Our Recapture Your Creative Spirit Guarantee creates a Reinforcing Engine of Success through Improving the quality of relationships, which enhances the quality of imagination, improving the quality of actions, and finally maximizing the quality of results. When our teams see high-quality results there is a positive effect on internal relationships and the cycle perpetuates. 

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