What do you Need?

To Transform.

The way we work is constantly evolving.

Change can be challenging.

Remote working, video conferencing, hybrid schedules and other unique processes—mixed with countless new technologies and resources—are changing the way we work and challenging the way we communicate. From minor hiccups in connectivity to all out organizational chaos, businesses across all industries are facing new waves of complex issues that impact your team’s communication, productivity and overall culture.

With a rich history in creative problem-solving, we fuse imaginative thinking with Agile methodology to create simple solutions for complex business problems. All of our solutions are based on our System of Sustained Success, and incorporate tools to help build your culture in your daily activities.

From creative coaching to topic-specific courses and workshops, we’ll arm you with the tools and experience needed to help your company dream bigger, make better decisions and build more robust environments. You’re just one phone call away from lasting change that produces better products and culture. 

Consulting & Professional Services

Our services are fully customizable—We work closely with you to pick from our range of topics to build your own custom, Agile Imaginuity training event.

Trainings & Certifications

Our remote and in-person trainings and workshops have been developed and refined over the past 40+ years—and are founded on the same principles and methods used by Disney Imagineers to generate ideas and create magic.

Three Levels of Service…

Every organization is different, so our services are structured into three levels—and can be tailored with Agile Imaginuity consulting sessions, trainings and workshops pertinent to your organization’s needs. We’re always happy to chat and discuss the best options for your organization. 


Our lobby packages are designed to work closely with your leadership team to identify your organization’s singular greatest challenges from needed systems, and understanding those processes, to cultural issues. Then, we’ll facilitate a session with you and your team, arming you with creative processes needed to solve the identified issues and beyond.


Our Suite upgrade is customized to focus on a comprehensive view of your organization’s challenges, while empowering your team(s) with the tools to ramp up collaboration, communication and company culture. Whether you’re retooling your organization, looking to better facilitate conversations, or activate your team(s) culture daily, we will customize our tools and programs to fit your current needs, giving you what you need to reshape your future!


We know, sometimes it takes a bit to find your creative genius (thanks for the clarity Elizabeth Gilbert, see below). Composed of a powerful menu of coachings, trainings and workshops, our Penthouse package is our most robust offering. We’ll hone in on the specific tools, processes and systems best suited to help your organization achieve. And then give you the power to put them to work. After a few weeks, we’ll return, analyze and optimize if necessary, just to make sure you have everything you need. 

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